Platus gręžimo galvučių pasirinkimas



High quality drilling equipment will lose its meaning if the product does not reach customers in a timely manner or will not be properly selected. Therefore, our goal is to provide high-quality services during the entire service process - from sales and acceptance of orders to dispatch of goods. First of all, the most important principle of high quality is simple - all the promises must be borne in mind, Always.


The company is very satisfied with customer satisfaction, the quality and durability of drilling equipment, and therefore we sell only high quality and durable drilling equipment.


The company buys various drill bits directly from the manufacturer, so it can always offer a good price.


UAB "Geoteksas Group" compony are official dealer in Europe for  "Volgaburmash" , "Uralburmash","Universal Drilling Technique LLC" tricone and pdc bits. A lot of different bits in our warehouses.